Europe's Orientalist Approach: Turkey-Europe Union Relations "Refugee" Problem

  • Aysun Yaralı Akkaya University of Yuzuncu Yıl, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Depertmant of Public Administration


In this article, the immigration and protective policies carried out for asylum by Europe, has been discussed with the understanding of orientalism. Orientalism which is developed by western countries in order to understand the east, is also anther way to define themselves by an otherization perspective. EU countries remained insensitive and inadequate to the migration due to the çivil war in Syria. As a member of non-western civilization, Syrian refugees are seen as a threat to the sacred values of modern Europe. By the agreements signed by Turkey and EU, refugees are removed from the borders of Europe and are held within Turkey’s borders. EU has commented on refugee problem within this approach and have shaped the position of Turkey.
May 19, 2017
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