Tipología De La Novela Histórica Contemporánea

  • Hala Abdelsalam Awaad Catedrática de Filología Hispánica, U.Ain Shams, Facultad de Al-Alsun (Egipto)


The present study investigates the variability of the historical literary genre with special reference to two contemporary novels: Vázquez Montalbán´s Galíndez, and Eduar El-Jarrat´s The Road of the Vulture. At face value, both works can be considered poles apart: both works are written in two different languages, Spanish and Arabic, belong to two different cultures, and each has undergone a social-historical development inspired by literary theory and a new critical vision. Therefore, both authors are unified by their innovated literary vision: they have created two novels which transcend the frontiers of literary genres following definite principles, and ¨personal¨ aesthetics
May 19, 2017
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