Protection of Personal Data Requirement of Modern Times for the Functioning of the Security, Individual Freedoms and the Rule of Law

  • Ruzhdi Jashari


Rule of law, human rights, freedoms, and security; are the three main pillars to the new trend of global developments, especially in the development of democratic values, where the protection of individual freedoms is among the fundamental principles that have data protection as the center point. In the years 2015-2016 we have seen the major cases of confrontation regarding the wiretapping to that point as the intervention even in the system of the "US election campaign by the Russian hackers", then sending of Macedonia to the "early elections, due to the extraction and publication of wiretaps by Zaev", the review of the "Safe Harbor" Agreement, of the EU and the US regarding the transfer of personal data during free "transatlantic" trade among EU and USA, etc. In this time of globalization, and developments of major movements is been said: "no home", "no time", "no limit", by digitized devices and social networks, privacy of the individual is excessively violated through abuse of personal data, personal security is violated and security of the systems vital to society. Therefore, this way, the national security of a country is been violated and endangered as well. Therefore, the development of institutions for protection of personal data, their independence and empowerment are of particular importance due to the vital interests of the country; where security, justice and freedom have a leading role in the development of a free and democratic society, where the individual human rights and freedoms, have a main place in modern developments of our time, in the society with the rule of law and the diversity of values. Freedoms and human rights, data and privacy protection; according to the European Convention of freedoms and human rights and the 108 Convention of the protection of personal data in automated processing, even though Kosovo has still not signed them. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution. On May 26, 2018 New Rules for the Protection of Personal Data of the EC and the European Union, will be no binding power for all EU countries. The entire legal measures of protection of personal data of the new Rules of PPD, should be forwarded to legislation interior PPD of EU member states and the EC and those who are already signatories to Convention 108 of PPD during the automatic processing of personal data. Among other things, we will give our assessments in question, where Kosovo really stands in this direction, with its commitment and aspirations for integration into European institutions and mechanisms.
May 19, 2017
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