Impact of Space and Environment on Women in Urban Transformation (Case of Ankara)

  • Özgür Sarı Assoc.Prof.Dr., TODAİE, 85.cad. No:8 Yücetepe, 06100, Ankara-Turkey


In this study, it is understood that Turkey is developing rapidly, the increasing need for accommodation due to migration from the village to the city and the distorted structure in the cities, and the urban transformation efforts carried out in order to overcome this skewed construction necessitated the reorganization of the environment and the place. Urban transformation, which brings about significant changes in social life, causes positive / negative effects especially on the social life of women. In this context, the historical process of urban transformation in Turkey and in the world has been analyzed and discussed from the perspective of environment and women's issues. In this context, it is aimed to analyze the reflections of the new place and the surrounding area, which are the result of urban transformation, on the social life of women, by interviewing face to face with the women living in Etimesgut in the city of Ankara and having experienced the process of urban transformation. In this framework, it is aimed to produce suggestions on spatial planning and environmental regulations that take into account the needs of women in urban life. The fact that women spend more time in domestic life, that women play an active role in neighborhood culture, requires that women be treated as a special category in every kind of urban transformation project and the possible effects on women should be examined. At the end of the work; It has been determined that women are not included in decision-making mechanisms in urban transformation projects carried out in Etimesgut region, that the lifestyles and needs of women are not adequately taken into account when domestic and environmental regulations are being made and that urban transformations have more intense and different effects on women.
May 19, 2017
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