Assessment of the quality of products in tourism

  • Prof. Alberta Tahiri Lecturer at Gjilani College
  • Prof.Dr. Idriz Kovaci


This paper examines the issue of quality assessment of tourism products, as one of the key elements of counntries’ touristicoffer in a rapidly changing digital and globalized world. Tourism product is a presentation of a broad cross-section of history, nature, archeology, living culture, ensuring that visitors taking part in the discovery will leave with a lasting impression of the diversity, complexity and beauty of the visited country and its culture. As such, it is a product of quite a particular nature, which derives from the coexistence of a series of different elements interlinked among each other. It is the combinations of interlinkages that enable destinations to offer an individualized “total tourism product” that meets the changing needs of various categories of tourists. Total tourism products are complex and are shaped in different offered through numerous and diverse specific products and services,which may be shaped in many different ways and for which demand exists on a combination of motives, often in conflicting mutual interlinkages. The assessment of the quality of tourism offers is a complex process, which focusses around the tourists. The concept of valorization of tourist sites and attractions is a useful tool in the quality assessment. The harsh completion in the field for tourism calls for application of the total quality management system, which improves the ability of the tourism sector to meet the needs and requirements of the tourists, at minimum costs. Creation and introducing quality standards would be an urgent task, which is the responsibility of both businesses and institutions alike.
May 19, 2017
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