ICT in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning: Benefits and Challenges

  • Marsida Dedja Aleksander Xhuvani, University, Elbasan, Albania


The use of ICT in the Foreign Language Teaching and Learning is very important for providing opportunities for teachers and students to learn and operate in an information age. Education, particularly foreign language teaching has to adapt and renew itself to be compatible with the globalized society. This study aims to analyze the use of ICT in foreign language teaching and learning, which are the benefits, the main advantages of ICT and the challenges of ICT in foreign language. The recognition and implementation of ICT in teaching constitutes an integration challenges for our society. One of priorities of the Education in Albania is the integration of ICT in education, so the use of ICT in language teaching and learning seems to have become a prerequisite to the modernization of the education system and learning methods. Using authentic material provided by the internet helps students to be better in communication and to be in contact with the culture of the country and people whose language they study.
Aug 30, 2015
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