The Practical of Teaching Methods of Arabic Language at female’s Mosque in Henan Province - China

  • Li Qing Mei Sultan Idris Education University
  • Suo Yan Mei
  • Nazri Bin Atoh


Teaching methods for languages especial for Arabic language for non-native speakers always discussed by researchers, and the teaching methods for Arabic language at the female’s mosque of Henan Province, china still based on the traditional method without any update, but no one of researchers focused on this issue. however, this research aims to investigate the teaching method of Arabic language teaching in the female’s mosque of Henan of china to fill up the gap of research filed of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers. The study used the descriptive method to explore new information on Arabic teaching in China. and it was based on the field curriculum to highlight the teaching methods applied by female teachers when teaching Arabic at female mosques, analytical methods to analysis the Data collection which designed by questionnaires which distributed to 10 female teachers the five mosques for female’s Mosque in Henan Province China. The method of data analysis is percentage and frequency method using SPSS system. The research found that: teachers don’t have any clear ideal about teaching method for teaching Arabic language, and majorly of them only use translation and Grammar Method to teach Arabic. there are many aspects need to be improved. Hence, the researcher presented some recommendations and suggestions to improve the curriculum and methods of teaching Arabic language in mosques for female in Henan Province, China.Keyword: Teaching Method, female’s mosque, Teaching Arabic
Aug 15, 2020
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MEI, Li Qing; MEI, Suo Yan; BIN ATOH, Nazri. The Practical of Teaching Methods of Arabic Language at female’s Mosque in Henan Province - China. European Journal of Language and Literature, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 2, p. 20-27, aug. 2020. ISSN 2411-4103. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 sep. 2020. doi: