Overview of Basic Terms of Technical Lexis of Mechanics in the Albanian Language

  • Gani Pllana University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Prishtina, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Sadete Pllana


The subject of the study in this paper is the basic terms of the field of mechanics as a broad field, understanding with this concept not only nouns with nominal base, like pair and kinematic pair, but also other units that can be called terms if they are seen from a certain perspective when connected to the system by terms of nouns or when expressing the specifics of the field as kinematics (adj.) - kinematic (adv.) - shifting (v.), in Albanian kinematik-e (mb.) – kinematikisht (ndajf.) – zhvendoset (fol.). As it is well known in the compilation of terminology dictionaries, both criteria apply, although it can be said that there is no definite stance on this problem. By appearing as single word units, on their own, as well as in wider compounded units (word group), these units serve as compound elements of around 70-80% of the whole Mechanics vocabulary, as they are in Albanian and respectively in English: mekanizëm XE "mekanizëm – mechanism, makin XE "makinëë – machine, hallkë XE "hallkë – link, zinxhir – chain, zhvendosje XE "zhvendosje – displacement, lëvizje XE "lëvizje" – motion XE "motion" , rrotullim XE "rrotullim – rotation, rrotulloj – rotate, rrotullues-e – rotary, kinematik-e – kinematic, kinematikisht – kinametically etc. All of this base vocabulary appears mainly in the basic subfields of Mechanics, in the Theory of Mechanics and in the Applied Mechanics in Machines, in the special subfields, as well as in the subfield of Mechanical Technology of automobiles, of heat technology etc., but it connects also with the base fields of knowledge which stands at the foundation of Mechanics, as with mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry etc.

Dec 30, 2018
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