Educational Situation in the Prefecture of Elbasan in the Years of the Albanian Parliamentary Republic 1925-1928

  • Rudina Mita Prof.Asoc. Dr. ,University: "Aleksander Xhuvani", Elbasan-Albania
  • Enkelejda Balla


Our study aims to highlight one of the most important aspects of the Elbasan Prefecture, the educational aspect during 1925-1928. In order to analyze the education during the mentioned years, the attention and tradition and educational environment of Elbasan had to be considered during the earlier periods since the Ottoman conquest. The historical educational experience culminated in the opening of the "Normal" School in 1909, the first high school that trained and prepared teachers' teachers for the Albanian language; experience and educational achievements of 1920-1924, years in which education was given priority on the basis of the principles of massivization, nationalization, secularization and unification. Given this educational tradition even during the years we have been studying, the Prefecture of Elbasan has taken important steps in Education. In the educational development of Elbasan, the intellectual elite and educated teachers in the West, Austria and Italy, etc., who together with their scientific formation brought together the Elbasan City and the educational experience of the countries of who came. Problems, the level of primary and secondary education, the difficulties in the education system, the lack of school buildings and funds for opening and maintaining them, the education of women in special schools by males, and the charitable activity of elbasanas in terms of education, the school of education of the children of the region are some of the aspects that we have included in our study. Through this paper, the educational aspect of 1925-1928, a little handled in the context of the local history of the Elbasan Prefecture, sheds light on. Keywords: education, school, inspector of education, general director of education, "normal" school, plotor, student
May 31, 2019
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