Stress Analysis of Composite Materials Used for Yacht Production Through Solid Work Simulation

  • Mirela KOCI PhD . Cand idate, Polytechnic University of Tirana


In recent years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the characteristic of composite materials and their tailored structures in the marine environment. Processing and production sectors also have received more attention resulting in the potential for the construction of complex, large assemblies capable of withstanding heavy loads. However, the key challenges involved in employing composites for marine applications include the need for optimization of capital expenditure and operating costs of boats, ships and other marine artifact’s constructed using composites. Materials science and composite technology are advancing rapidly, and new composites such as epoxy mixtures including the application of carbon nano tubes are becoming more popular with ever growing concern for high performance marine structures. Indeed, lightness, ease of production, durability and strength enable composites to play a vital role in marine applications. As the Marine sector continues to look at improving efficiency and reducing overall costs, Composite materials will play a huge part in the future of Marine construction. The paper is focused to the static linear simulation of elastic bodies using Solid Works Simulation. Stresses analyses have been developed in the static analyze which provide tools for the linear stress analysis of parts and assemblies loaded by static loads, taking in consideration for the analyze the most stressed part of the bottom, board and desk of the yachts
Jun 10, 2017
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