Renewable Energy - a Great Energizing Potential that Eliminates Environmental Pollution

  • Enkelejda Kucaj
  • Elizabeta Susaj
  • Besjana Qaja


Renewable energy, efficiency energy, green industries and the development of the green economy are generally attracting attention all over the world. Albania needs investments for this type of energy, given that, in the 21st century, is still unable to fulfill the minimum needs of energy. The aim of this study was to identificate the use of solar panels in the Kombinat area by completing a questionnaire. Residents of this area who were equipped with a solar panel are asked about how they used and the benefits that they have from the solar panel, indicating that warm water is widely used in their home. Another purpose of this study was to inform the residents of this area about the economic and environmental benefits to use the solar panels. Interviewers are asked what kind of energy use to heat their homes. Arguments have been that most of them use electricity then gas. They also use woods in chimneys or stoves more over most of them said that they save 30% of the previous amount of the electricity bill. We also informed and aware the public about the negative impacts in the environment, agriculture and the economy of the country from the use of non-renewable energy. Sun light energy is absolutely free and can be utilized by all without exception and keep the environment clean during use and is also controllable by humans.
Jun 10, 2017
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KUCAJ, Enkelejda; SUSAJ, Elizabeta; QAJA, Besjana. Renewable Energy - a Great Energizing Potential that Eliminates Environmental Pollution. European Journal of Economics and Business Studies, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 3, p. 40-45, june 2017. ISSN 2411-9571. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 02 july 2020.