Pupil’s Individual Behavior and Its Impact on Classroom Management

  • Lenida Lekli Phd., “Aleksandër Xhuvani” University, Albania


Various social changes have influenced family and school, these two important institutions, reducing in this way the efficacy of the strategies implemented by teachers in achieving a successful management of the classroom. This is the reason why conducting research on individual’s behavior is being paid more attention recently, as a key element but also as a possible strategy which would guarantee efficacy during the lesson. The purpose of this research is pointing out and highlighting some of the factors that cause problematic behaviors, the theoretical approaches that treat person’s behavior and its influence, as well as the discussion of strategies implemented by teachers in reducing disruptive behaviors of the pupils. Considering pupils as unique individuals, characterized by unique behavioral patterns requiring featured classroom strategies could lead to classroom management success as well as higher pupils’ school progress.
Aug 15, 2020
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