Literary Texts in Teaching German as a Foreign Language

  • Brunilda Vërçani
  • Enkela Bezati


For years into the teaching of foreign languages, the main focus has been the communication in real situations with the aim of comprehension and using of language abilities. But the teaching of foreign language, in our case the german language, cannot be understood on only one function: the communication in real situations. Learning foreign languages means that the learner have to know the history, the culture and the spirit of a nation. A way to achive that, is the literary text inclusion on the foreign language learning whose functions are more than mentioned. Literary texts can motivate the learners to arouse their curiousity and interest. This help them to understand the culture of the foreign country and to stimulate their abilities to make comparisons. The use of literary text, into the teaching of foreign languages in based on several steps, that are related to the phase before, during and after textanalysing. An important role play the criteria of the text selection, principles, learning objectives and working methods with literary text into the teaching of foreign languages.
Sep 25, 2019
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