Teaching through Alternative Methodology

  • Sonila Tatili


The rapid development of information and communication technology has a significant impact in the teaching process. This happens because of the existence of the advantages that this sphere entails in the pedagogical practices and methods. As such, they are briefly brought to us : easy access to information; increasing interest in learning; more ability to embed it into memory and preserved in the knowledge gained as a result of the inclusion of visual memory improvement; interactive teaching as well as easy exchange of knowledge, etc. With the aim of identifying the advantages that the technology incorporates in the teaching process of methodology, this paper aims to highlight the role of technology in the teaching and learning process of English , the achievement of the student in the learning objectives and how the technology of information and communication is intertwined in education. The study's research is about determining what impact technology has in the teaching process, meanwhile the supporting questions raise questions about the advantages of teaching technology as well as the impact on the level of learning of Albanian students. Study hypotheses, which are expected to be proven to be sustainable or not, are: Technology brings quality-enhancing teaching of English; efficient use of ICT enhances student learning. The study methodology is based on the combination of theoretical and empirical analysis, according to the case study.
Dec 29, 2018
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