Principal Leadership Style And Job Satisfaction Of High School Teachers

  • Erida Elmazi P.h.D cand. Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Albania


This paper deals with the issue of school leadership as one of the main priorities of education policy and focuses on the role, importance it has mainly on teacher’s job satisfaction. It tends to highlight the influence of the school leaders’ style in the pre-university education context. Two dimensions of leadership conceptualization are underlined in this study: the transformational and transactional leader. Teacher job satisfaction is often considered as an important aspect in their performance and productivity. In addition leadership style is considered one of the major influences affecting the job satisfaction of the teachers. The scope was to study the relationship and correlation between the style of the principals and job satisfaction of teachers. Various research techniques, primary and secondary data sources have been used to carry out this study, which are intertwined with one another. As a source of primary data were used two surveys, one for evaluating the principals’ style of leadership and the other one for measuring job satisfaction of the teachers. The sample consisted in 5 teachers from 25 high schools in Albania and Kosovo. There is evidence from the findings that transformational leadership has significant relationship and it has beneficial effects on teacher job satisfaction. These leaders transform, inspire, and empower followers by creating changes in their goals, values, needs, beliefs and aspirations.
Dec 29, 2018
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